The World Has No Eyedea and Seez Mics live in DC

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Michael “Eyedea” Larsen suddenly passed away on October 16, 2010.  He was a dear friend and inspiration to many in the indie hip hop world and Brandon Crowson’s film, The World Has No Eyedea, is a documentary chronicling a bit of his life and influence on the people around him.  Seez Mics helped bring the documentary to DC to be screened at DC9 (and even makes a little appearance in the film) which coordinated with the release of his new album WITH (“Because it’s WITH a lot of people”).  Check out all the features on that bad boy!

If you came to the screening, you know it started a little later than expected.  The wonderful world of technical difficulties struck and had Brady (from Crushkill Recordings), Seez, and I running to Best Buy before the show started to grab a new Blu-ray player.  There were at least 4 Ubers that drove by before ours finally showed up. Our car smelled pleasantly of cologne when we were first got in and then slowly dissipated until it smelled kinda like diapers and new car.  This is why I drive!
After about 8 sound guys/djs/rappers/musicians/techy people fiddled with the equipment for another 30 minutes, they were able to rig it so we could start the screening.  Side note: The food at DC9 is flipping amazing.

The wait might’ve been worth it, because the people poured in when the doors opened.  It was a pretty chilly Thursday night in DC  and the documentary packed the house! We joked that Mikey had more people come to see the movie than come out to hip hop shows regularly.  We watched the doc straight through until the end.  Check out the website for the remaining screening dates.  If there aren’t any near you, hold tight. The dvd should be coming soon.

Took a short break before Seez Mics took the stage, backed by DJ Ragz.   Seez told a little anecdote about Eyedea and performed his verses from WITH.  Then Ardamus and RNL from Drop Lockers joined for some freestyles with Max Bent beatboxing and the stage was open to a cipher.  A young guy stepped up to perform and turned it into a bit of a battle.  Not going to lie, I think he lit a fire under everyone to step up their rhymes a little, but it also changed the vibe of the night significantly.  Luckily, we had Ragz and Max to close out the night with some dj and beatbox freestyles.  You can catch most of the action in the videos below!

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