Raven Tree in the Studio

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Baltimore rock band Raven Tree have been busy in the studio and asked me to come hang and take some shots of them recording.  The new album is being recorded at Sheffield Institute by long time alumnus Christopher Dopkin, after hours.  It was pretty cool to be able sneak in on a session.  Studio A is enormous and filled with beautiful equipment full of knobs and dials that I can’t imagine having to learn to use.  The students there are definitely lucky to have that kind of access to professional tools!


When I arrived at the studio, they were already about 2 hours into recording so I waited for a little break before busting in on the session. I was afraid my every move would be picked up on all the mics so I did my best to creep around quietly and have the drums cover up any camera clicks.


Jeff and Phoenix in the zone.


Listening to the playback and discussing next moves.


The final song being recorded was a solo acoustic track by Mike so I grabbed a few shots during the set up and high tailed it out of there before I ruined the recording with weird ambient camera noises.

Looking forward to the release of this second album. The band has morphed and evolved over the past few years and it should be interesting to see what monster the music has grown in to!