Fatally Yours: Behind the Scenes of the Damn Your Eyes video

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Fatally Yours has been keeping their new lineup under wraps for months now, so they wanted to do something big for the announcement.  New song, new photos, and a brand new video featuring legendary aFredianslip singer Billy Fisher! Also joining the line up is Chuck Moore on guitar, while Keith Thompson moves to bass and backup vocals.

Chuck secured us a nice big entertainment warehouse full of fancy gear to use for the video which was being shot and edited by Matt Gischel of 818 Digital Media.


Can we get some roadies, please?


I might’ve gotten to shoot for 3 full minutes before they wanted to jump into shooting the video, but luckily we got a winner pretty quickly and were able to keep it moving.


Started with some wide shots

Made Billy take a selfie with me while not shooting.


Chuck’s girlfriend Amanda was doing some shooting as well, and we were trying to keep up with Matt while he was circling around the band so we wouldn’t accidentally get in any of the shots.


Matt shooting Billy’s final shothttps://youtu.be/DQd1fwjB014

And here’s the video itself! That talking at the beginning is us laughing as I messed up playing the song through the PA nearly every single time.
You think I’d know how to work a phone by now.

And the full behind-the-scenes gallery.