Astronautalis, Oxymorrons, and Seez Mics Live in Washington, DC

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After seeing Astronautalis the night before, I really wanted to catch the DC show as well because it was Oxymorrons’ last east coast date.  I was bummed they weren’t going to be in Baltimore, so I made the DC trip which also worked out because my homie Seez Mics opened before he ran away into the wedding chaos.  Ardamus also came out for his birthday so I made cookies for everyone. Which inevitably leads to people asking what’s in the cookies.  I’m never sure if people are more excited or disappointed to learn that they’re just regular ol’ chocolate chip cookies…made with love.

Seez and DJ Addikt kicked it off with a tight set as always. If you enjoy these videos, definitely check out the Cruel Fuel album!

Of course my favorite part of this video is the shout out from Seez. =)

Oxymorrons killed it next.  I didn’t get to catch the entire set the night before so I’m glad I got a do-over.  They deserved the bigger crowd and energy that DC always brings out for Astronautalis. Check out their debut album “Complex but Basic.”!

I originally broadcast this live on the Facebook page. Ignore the poor quality because you can see and hear Joe yelling at me for not singing along. Haha!

And of course, Astronautalis. I took way more video than I intended!

This is the Facebook live broadcast so the quality isn’t on par with the others, but I wanted to include it.

This one is probably my favorite. I love this 2 songs so much.