Aesop Rock’s Impossible Kid Tour live in DC on 06/30/16

I can’t let myself miss an Aesop Rock show.  If you love The Impossible Kid, you shouldn’t miss one either!  He goes through the entire album and peppers in favorites from the others, along with Hail Mary Mallon songs featuring Rob Sonic.

Homeboy Sandman warming up the sold out crowd with “Tablecloth” from his 2010 album The Good Sun, which is always a hype favorite, and then “God” from Kindness for Weakness.

Blood Sandwich” is the single from the Impossible Kid and an obvious crowd favorite.

I think every rapper’s goal should be to have a sold out crowd sing a song to their cat!

DJ Zone tears it up in a little interlude.

Going into “Homemade Mummy” off my personal favorite album, Skelethon.

And Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman finish up with a track from their “Lice” EP.