SuburbanSlang.com is the collection of music photography by Erika Ponsiek.

SuburbanSlang.com has been my project for over 12 years now and has been through many transformations. It’s been a personal site, a music community, a poor abandoned mess, and in the past year has gotten a makeover to return it to the core of what always kept it running: my music photography.

Starting with my first concert (Bush in 96), I’ve brought a camera to every show possible. Even terrible grainy photos from disposables where the performers look like ants made me happy because I could still remember the feeling of being there. Hundreds of concerts later, I see shows in images and capturing them is as exciting as ever.

Being a huge music fan who can’t play or sing a note, photography has given me a way to connect with my favorite artists and the music community in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Music is the inspiration for everything I do so it feels right to be able to collaborate and exchange art with people who have changed my life

If you have some ideas for a shoot or just want to have me out to a show, please get in touch! Rates are based by project so let’s chat about it: erika@suburbanslang.com